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joe lapinski

Joe Lapinski has been active in the Niagara music scene for 9 years now.  Most currently, he has just released his 2nd solo album Sundries. He currently performs either solo or with a band which consists of Dave Clark (drums, vox), Rob Oliveira (bass, vox), Lewis Melville (pedal steel guitar, electric guitar, vox) and Jason Kenemy (piano, vox).

Joe is also an active member of The Regards, Bronx Cheerleader, Dave Clark's Woodshed Orchestra, and Palooka.

He is also one of the founders and is managing chief of Yummy Recordings which makes its home in St.Catharines.  Through Yummy, Joe has produced such bands as The Regards, Garrett Lacroix, Blackberry Blossom, Joe D'Linde, Frontwards, The Hoa Hoa's, and Readable Ink.  He has done mixing and mastering work for such bands as Raising the Fawn, The Sweater Girls, Mike Lynch, and The Dinner Is Ruined Band.

Joe is also a member of Suitcase In Point Theatre Company, where he is Musical Director.  He has written, recorded, and performed music for original SIP plays such as Be Wearing Wolf, Cordially Entertaining Emily Chesley, Groundwater, Junky, A Downtown Stupor, I Know Angelo, and Looking For George.

Discography = Here Are The Postcards I Forgot To Send You (2004), Sundries (2007).




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